Mission statement

We want to build an open platform to provide equal access for the people interested in David Graeber’s body of work. We hope to ensure as much as we can that there will be no restrictions in access by income, academic affiliation or location in the world.

Our aim is to create a growing community that works on David’s published and unpublished works, projects and ideas. We believe that different social narratives have started to emerge, which unleashes political imaginary and reshapes public common sense of our society. It leads many people throughout the world to challenge the status quo through concrete actions, projects or structures that make our societies socially and ecologically just and sustainable.
We think that David’s texts can make a crucial contribution to it. So we want to organize collective commentary, discussion, reading, and creation of new projects and texts based on David’s work.

The originals of David’s archive, as well as most of his library, some personal items and art objects, will be stored in one of the academic institutions.

The David Graeber Foundation is an amateur project based on principles of an open-source community; set up to disseminate and develop David’s ideas outside of academia.