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Ever since September I’ve been trying to come to terms with David’s absence. I still vividly recall the first tweet I saw (from Rojava), about David’s passing, and for a minute trying to figure out what I was reading. For a very short moment, I was convinced that it must be a strange joke that […]

— Letter from Heiko

David Graeber may have been professor of anthropology at Yale, Goldsmiths and finally the London School of Economics, but he was always conscious that his work must not be allowed to stifle in the deoxygenated air of academia. He was a practical and public intellectual who faced down the big social inequalities of our time […]

— by David Charles

Now in America the would-be king is literally virulent, spreading his coronavirus disease wherever he goes. It is the opposite of the Royal Touch of the medieval kings who could cure their people’s scrofula with their royal hand. Instead of the Royal Touch, the president of the United States gives us the Middle Finger. No […]

— By Marshall Sahlins

I have been as little personal as possible in this testimony out of concern not to take advantage of David’s fame. However, this kind of testimony seems to me necessary to show that David’s conduct in his private life was at the ethical height of his ideals. All his life, he shone with a rare […]

— A Tribute to David Graeber, by Christophe Petit

Hello Nika, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to reach out to you to share a short film I made during the memorial for David Graeber back in October at Zuccotti Park. I know I’m sending this to you after a substantial amount of time has passed. I just felt, as you […]

— by Connor Keep

Let us assure you, this is no normal industrial undertaking. This factory charges no money & gives everything away. And its name was enthusiastically chosen by our neurotic workaholic himself: David Graeber. (From a page of search results I sent him.) When he saw “,” he immediately knew it was the right choice. As did […]

— Welcome to the machine: Why this place was called davidgraeber.INDUSTRIES?

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