Anthropology for Kids

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Anthropology for Kids re-describes essential aspects of human life in simpler terms, accessible to everyone. It is an attempt to reconsider who we are and how we see ourselves through a series of books, workshops and conversations each fill of pictures and stories about what it means to be a human.

Nika Dubrovsky, artist,  started this project with her late husband David Graeber, together with a growing community of writers, illustrators and friends producing politically challenging children’s books  (for adults too).

We have discovered something interesting: no one will publish books like this. Even if you’re a famous author, great artist, etc…

But we want to change it! You can help! Not just with money – though we definitely need some of that – but in all sorts of ways that can make you part of the team, as editors, translators, contributors, researchers, even possibly someday authors.

The culmination of this project will be a publishing house supplying physical books, artworks (cups, curtains), but in the meantime, enjoy! Help! Spread the word!