Fight Club

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David Graeber asserted that human consciousness only exists in dialogue with others, and the myth of the individual “thinker-philosopher” is nothing but a myth. Although he himself was often subjected to public attacks, he withstood them with fortitude.

Fight Club is inspired by the bold and clever political artistry of Joseph Beuys. In one pop-up exhibition, he argued with audiences for 100 days, advocating direct democracy.

Fight Club was created to:

  • To keep David’s deeply researched and humorous challenging of myths alive after his untimely death;
  • To counter the public debate initiated by the right-wings, which for fifty years dominated most of the public spaces – newspapers, television – and was thus most accessible to the masses. We lost it and we have to get it back!
  • To counteract the fake concept of identity politics and the “cancel culture”; and, the most important,
  • To remain cheerful and artistic in the face of all odds, contradictions, and misunderstandings.

Our fights will be between real people, imaginary people, or real people played by actors.