This is not a Pirate

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‘Existing history is not just deeply flawed and Eurocentric, it’s also unnecessarily tedious and boring’.

When David Graeber conducted his field studies in Madagascar, he discovered the existence of an ethnic group formed by the descendants of 18th century pirates. His research led to the conclusion that pirates’ social practices and forms of organisation, as applied in the new societies that they contributed to create in Madagascar, have influenced the Enlightenment philosophers. These findings, as those published in The Dawn of Everything, challenge the way human history is being told and invite us to move the spotlight towards the stories of alternative change makers that History has rather portrayed in very negative terms, such as Pirates.

At times when life on earth is in crisis, David Graeber’s findings open new possibilities by challenging how human history was being told, inviting us to look at alternative change makers whose positive contributions to our societies have been hidden. Using this as a starting point,  and starting in February 2022, “This is Not a Pirate” launchd a series of lectures that  seeks to challenge how human history is being told and to introduce ordinary people as subjects of history and society making.

Speakers and participants are invited to challenge well established concepts, actors, and ideas. This project in addition to the individual lectures will consistent of conferences, art projects, residencies and publications.