Bullsh*t Jobs w/ David Graeber

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David Graeber joins The Majority Report to discuss 'Bullshit Jobs'

Anthropologist David Graeber joins The Majority Report to discuss his book, “Bullshit Jobs: A Theory.”

  • How Graeber gathered stories from people about their experiences of work.
  • The five categories of bullshit jobs: goon, duct taper, flunkie, box ticker, task master.
  • The high percentage of UK survey respondents who think their jobs add nothing to the world.
  • The psychological effects of knowing your job is bullshit.
  • The link (or lack thereof) between GDP, employment rates and indicators of well being.
  • What the growing number of useless jobs says about how capitalism actually works.
  • How whole industries are moving to a system of managerial feudalism.
  • How the financialization of the economy drives the bullshit job phenomenon and the role the government plays in extracting profits.
  • The benefits of replacing means-tested programs with UBI.
  • Why right-wing populists resent the cultural elite.

Interview date: 25/05/2018