Revolution happenes when there is a transformation of common sense.

The war against the imagination is the only one the capitalists have actually managed to win.

David Rolfe Graeber


We believe that a different social narrative has started to emerge which unleashes the political imaginary and reshapes public common sense. It is leading many people throughout the world to challenge the status quo through concrete actions, projects or structures that are making our societies socially and ecologically just and sustainable. 

The David Graeber Institute provides a platform for projects related both directly to David Graeber’s legacy, developing his ideas and for projects that will take on a life of their own, carrying on and continuing his work. 

Some of the public discourse projects are already available such as the Museum of Care, Anthropology for Kids, Visual Assembly, Carnival, the Yes Woman, Fight Club, and the Open Library that bring people together to challenge the status quo and promote new ways of thinking, living and sharing.

If you would like to help or participate: here is the list of things we are looking for.


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So far David Graeber’s books are published in these languages

Would you like to translate or publish in a language that is not on this list? Write to us!