Revolution happens when there is a transformation of common sense.

The war against the imagination is the only one the capitalists have actually managed to win.

David Rolfe Graeber


It all started with the horror of David’s death; then there was Carnival4David, then this site was created by David’s family. David Graeber Institute was established in 2022. However, remains a separate site, aiming to collect and share as much about David as possible independently from other projects, which we hope will be many. As David is not an institution, but a person, he deserves a separate special home.

You will find here:
– David’s texts and the texts of others written about him
the music he loved
– A catalog of books from his library and perhaps also catalogs of books from the libraries of others associated with him, as well as photographs, and other items from his personal collections: quirky and unusual objects, Venetian masks, anthropological treasures and more.

Maybe you have suggestions for something else to include? Write to us!

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David’s work has been published in the highlighted languages.

If you would like to publish David’s work in your language please contact us

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