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Anthropology for Kids

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Anthropology for Kids re-describes essential aspects of human life in simpler terms, accessible to everyone. It is an attempt to reconsider who we are and how we see ourselves through a series of books, workshops and conversations each fill of pictures and stories about what it means to be a human.

Brain Trust

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Brain Trust is a network of local projects cooperating on specific political and technological solutions from play agriculture to 3D printing, from local energy production to independent education.

Education and (Anti)Institutions

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A collaborative project between the David Graeber Institute, The Museum of Care and Critical Studies Department to bring together students and independent collectives, activists and established educational initiatives to re-imagine students’ role within educational institutions and define new possibilities.

Fight Club

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David Graeber asserted that human consciousness only exists in dialogue with others, and the myth of the individual “thinker-philosopher” is nothing but a myth. Fight Club is inspired by the bold and clever political artistry of Joseph Beuys and was Fight Club was created to keep David’s deeply researched and humorous challenging of myths alive after his untimely death.

Museum of Care

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Museum of Care is the network of solidarity formed during #Carnival4David is being transformed into the Museum of Care (and Freedom).

Public Discourse and Reading Groups

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The aim of the reading groups is to further discussions and analysis of David's texts and engage with a wider public. These reading groups are led by members of the Museum of Care and will occasionally invite guest speakers to discuss specific areas of expertise. 

This is not a Pirate

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A series of lectures and activities formed out of David Graeber’s findings and research, and inviting us to look at alternative change makers whose positive contributions to our societies have been hidden.

Visual Assembly

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Visual Assembly was born at the time of the Covid-19 in London as a result of a dialog between David Graeber and Nika Dubrovsky. David died in Venice in September 2020.
One year after his death on 2-09-2021, Visual Assemblies will be held in different parts of the world. Above all, in Madrid with our friends -the Zapatistas are coming.


Carnival is the place where everything is turned upside down, where freedom and the possibilities of changing social orders and prescribed roles reign. There has been never a better place to live David's ideas rather than to just remember them.