Museum of Care

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We are working on creating residences, distributed worldwide, related to reading groups, public art projects, conferences and educational programs.

The Museum of Care is a museum with many rooms around the globe. Like in any museum, some of these rooms are more permanent than others. New rooms are opened, existing rooms are occupied and change their function, and some rooms are abandoned and closed.

There are rooms made for reading. There are rooms made for dancing. There are rooms for doing carpentry, for growing vegetables, for doing science. Some rooms are “whatever rooms.”

Anyone can open a room in the Museum. All you have to do is propose what kind of room you want to open. Anyone can occupy a room in the Museum and run their own project in it. If you want to join someone else room, write to the curator and see if you can join them. The Museum is open to everyone whose practice augments our collective freedom by nurturing relations of care—care for people and animals, for materials and the environment. 

The Museum of Care is also a set of tools. We call it a toolbox of Care.

Our projects are not individual achievements in art, philosophy, or activism. They are code, open-source software that can be “downloaded” and used. Join our exhibitions, reading groups, theater projects, or public art projects. Or make your own! In the spirit of open-source, don’t forget to say thank you to us! We’ll enjoy it!