Museum of Care

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On Sunday, October 11, we came together to mourn and to celebrate the life of David Rolfe Graeber – a teacher, a writer and a comrade.

As in the Venetian Carnival’s, that David loved so much, we were all masks – no matter whether we were young or old, rich or poor, scientists or retired, women or men and what party we belong to. We were all masks, and we were all people, united through the death and laughing in its face. From Korea and Australia to Europe and Russia, from New York, London and Brazil, in more than 200 places worldwide, we were all together on that day.

Thanks to our friends from Steirischer Herbst, we organized a 12-hour uninterrupted broadcast, which many people watched. You can download our press kit with photos of Carnival here.

Our new project – Museum of Care, will include reading groups, public art projects, conferences and educational programs, but most of all: it is about the creation of a public space where everyone is welcome.