Farocki Graeber Program

"War - Labour - Slavery"

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This project began as a spontaneous discussion on the confluence of the work of both Harun Farocki and David Graeber –a discussion that resumed in a number of recurring and on-going assemblies aimed to inform both scope and content. We now have expanded this to include not only Assemblies but also Discussions, Residencies, and Research Projects that will seek to answers questions that interested both Harun and David throughout their lives 

The assemblies gather scholars, researchers, artists, people already associated to the estates of Harun Farocki and David Graber and the organizations dealing with their legacy, such as the Harun Farocki Insitut in Berlin and the Museum of Care.  They may also include chosen researchers external to the networks brought in to cover areas of expertise on either of the respective authors which might resonate on the other. They can also incidentally become an open gathering but their nature is a forum that can foster bilateral research among what is today still established as distinct camps.

The assemblies are set as fora where individual speculations on the potential overlap of their work (inputs), are collectively discussed and taken forward as research topics for a program which could take place anywhere. This led to the idea of establishing a Joint Residencies program as well alongside the David Graeber Institute own Residency program.