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David Graeber Tribute LSE Anthropology Friday Seminar Series

 Lost People; Maurice Bloch (LSE Emeritus Prof Anthropology) and Jonathan Parry (LSE Emeritus Prof Anthropology)

An LSE Anthropology Research Seminar series that strives to come to terms with our dear colleague and friend’s extraordinary intellectual generosity and optimism. In each session, two anthropologists will lead a critical discussion on one of David Graeber’s key gifts of writing, exploring the fissures and cracks, as David liked to, in order to grow our thoughts and actions. Chaired by Alpa Shah.

KARAOKE Reading Group

Museum of Care

We’ll be resuming our reading group on Thursday 14th October. For our first session of the year, we will be experimenting with another new format. So, we will do what may be called ‘karaoke reading group’.


The great debt debate

The renowned academic economists: Michael Hudson and Thomas Piketty will meet on the anniversary of David Graeber’s death and the 10th-anniversary publication of his book “Debt 5,000 Years” to discuss the question what is money and what is debt, as part of the Museum of Care project curated by Steve Keen and Nika Dubrovsky?