Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations, Collective Theorization

These essays present a series of inspiring examples of how to conduct research for radical politics both inside and outside the university. --Michael Hardt, Duke University

Plenty of academics write articles for obscure journals on transgression or interrogate race, gender and class, but almost none are found in the streets. This is the classic bargain of academia: you can think subversive thoughts as long as you don’t act upon them. Case in point: the firing of Constituent Imagination co-editor David Graeber from Yale University’s anthropology department… While this collection will likely be most interesting to those attempting to do radical work within the academy, it is relevant to anyone interested in (re)building the alter-globalization movement and creating a new world “in the shell of the old”. –Matt Wasserman, The Indypendent

This book is one of a kind. This book answers the question of what anarchist social studies, as opposed to conventional Marxism or liberalism, might look like. It combines a searching discussion of methods of research with substantive issues such as ‘Who is the researcher?’ Arguing that research is engaged or it is nothing, that academics who have no commitment to fundamental social change generally cannot produce work that illuminates the world and sparks the radical imagination, the various authors represented in this volume have collectively made a critical contribution to knowledge. –Stanley Aronowitz, Professor of Sociology, CUNNY Graduate Centre


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