Unlike other Mastodon servers, my idea is to try to leave the rules as open as possible and have ongoing discussions about them. I see our Mastodon server as an online laboratory for creating and recreating social relationships.

We invite everyone to join us for this discussion. We hope it will lead to ongoing conversation, that would be develop and recorded in the CONFEDERATION: MASTODON room of

We look forward to developing the ideas discussed during the Tools of Care Assembly and Mastodon Assembly.

For that, I propose that we hold Assemblies where the rules can be discussed.

Here is the summary of First Mastodon Assembly that took place on 4 May.

Here are my preparatory notes and the initial ideas on how and why Mastodon and the Museum of Care are connected.

Here is my explanation of how art, social design and technology are connected and why such a project as Mastodon has everything to do with the Museum, specifically because this is a Museum of Care.