KARAOKE Reading Group

Museum of Care

14 October, 2021

We’ll be resuming our reading group on Thursday 14th October. For our first session of the year, we will be experimenting with another new format. So, we will do what may be called ‘karaoke reading group’.

The concept is simple enough:
1. Pick a text you like. We will start this experiment with texts by David Graeber, but in the future (I promise!) we will expand our range to include other authors.
A good karaoke text is one that you like and one that is not too long – try to stay below 500 words or three minutes. You will be able to say a few words about the text (Why you chose it? Why is it interesting or important to you? Why are you moved by it?), but you don’t have to.
Visit our Library of Care (https://drive.google.com/…/1h1rkoLUuwIzTX9vyKr1K2LWB7gB…). Most of David’s books and articles are available there in the folder under his name. Finding it difficult to know where to start, have a look at this link for inspo: https://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/29101.David_Graeber.
You don’t need to be a professional performer to join our karaoke reading group. You can read energetically or in a monotone, declaim in a melodramatic way or with a softly spoken or whispering voice.
2. Submit your entry. You need to sign up in advance so that we can call you up and queue your text. Please send us your (stage) name and text choice as soon as possible so that we can have a catalogue ready before the beginning of the karaoke reading group – although you can change your text up to the last minute (and by last minute I mean an hour before).
Perform a monologue or perform as a group. And if you choose to do so, don’t forget to send us all your names, so we can introduce you properly.
Suppose you found the perfect text for the karaoke reading group, but it is too long. That’s no problem at all! You can skip words, sentences or even entire paragraphs. If you choose to do so, just let us know so that we can provide the exact text to the audience.
3. Join us. Time and place remain the same. The karaoke reading group will take place on Thursday 14th October at 8pm London time on Zoom.
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 604 596 7588
Passcode: CITY

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