A letter to Nika from Mark Fuller

Hi Nika,

I messaged you back on Twitter and wanted to re-iterate how inspiring your Museum of Care project sounds. As I mentioned in a recent tweet, I just finished reading David’s “Les Pirates des Lumières”, which was yet another amazing book teasing out the complexities of history.

I had wanted to say more than what fits in a tweet about what David meant to me. When I first saw a tweet referring to his no longer being with us, it was quite difficult to accept this sad news. I was hoping I’d misread the first tweet. He gave so much to everyone, it didn’t matter ‘who’ you happened to be. He changed my way of thinking, answered DMs and emails. To be clear: we didn’t really know each other, but his generous responsiveness to any communication from anyone in the world not only validated our ideas and presence in the world but imparted such a sense of solidarity and of hope. I am attaching a file with two typical email exchanges (there were also DMs) illustrating his commitment to strangers. Thank you for generously inviting us to contribute to and attend the memorial. Take care and stay safe.

— Mark