A short report from Gdynia

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The weather was absolutely beautiful, the children’s playground packed to the brim – they had their carnival, that’s for sure! I was there for an hour and a half and since nobody came, I packed things up and went to my parents. I couldn’t live down nobody even trying to put a pin on the map in the so-called Poland so I did try.

While I haven’t met anyone, I think it might say something about the lack of Graeber’s popularity here or that everyone interested was doing their own thing, who knows! Maybe it was the lack of a photo that made the thing unappealing.

I have no idea when or whether Graeber was in Poland, whether or not he spoke here or visited any of the anarchist spaces. I know that a friend of his back in 2001 in Quebec remarked that we don’t know what vegetarian and vegan means. If you see this Emma and did not have a chance to visit Poland again – we’ve learnt, at least in some spaces. We’re still fighting the good fight against considering fish not-meat.

Thanks David for all the work you’ve done. I think I should do something to popularize your writings here. Too bad I never found the courage to contact you and try to arrange you coming to an anarchist congress Kongresono last year. I shall never know if I’d find it to invite you to the next one. Guess what should be done is to present your thought there. That’d be pretty neat.

Oh I forgot to include these Cube for Truth lads ‘n lasses in my write up. Three carnivals so close to each other, some vegan activists in guy fawkes masks, children and me!

— Scheals