David Graeber has A Drink with the Idler | Idler TV

The late anthropologist David Graeber chats to Idler editor Tom Hodgkinson and philosopher Mark Vernon about anarchism, bullshit jobs and the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the world of work. David Graeber was an American anthropologist and anarchist activist. Born and raised in New York, Graeber received his PhD from Chicago University and held academic posts at NYU, Yale, Goldsmiths University and the London School of Economics. He is the author of a number of books, including Debt: the First 5000 Years, ¬†Utopia of Rules and, most recently,¬†Bullshit Jobs: A Theory. He has been actively engaged in social movements since 2000, when he threw himself into the Alter-Globalization movement. David was involved in the initial meetings that helped set up Occupy Wall Street and had been working with the Kurdish Freedom Movement in various capacities as well. This conversation was recorded as part of the Idler’s series of weekly Zoom events on 16 July 2020.