David Graeber on Occupy/Social Movements and Police Repression

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David Graeber interviewed in Berlin on 30 May 2012, on the Occupy movement and social movements, with a focus on state and police repression measures and the use of undercover officers. He mentions the scandalous case of Mark Kennedy, as well as how big a threat social movements are to neoliberalism at this current historical moment. These are short random clips from the interview, which was conducted for an upcoming film about people spied upon by undercover police.

At the time of this Interview, Graebers book “Debt: The First 5000 Years” has just been translated to German and is Nr. 4 on the National Best Seller list. Three of his other books, including “Inside Occupy” have also been released in Germany this year. He held many public speaking events in Berlin on this trip, including one talk hosted by the Parliamentary leader of the Social Democratic Party, Frank-Walter Steinmeier. In his presentation, Graeber harshly critiqued Steinmeier for supporting banks in the current financial crisis, which Graeber said were the ones that created the crisis in the first place. This comment received much support from the Berlin audience at the Admiralspalast.
Directed by Jason, Camera by Franny
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