Rojava: Trump betrays the Kurds (w/ Aaron Bastani & David Graeber)

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As Trump gives the green light for a Turkish invasion of Rojava, we ask David Graeber what hope there is left for Syrian Kurds. Plus, the latest on Extinction Rebellion’s Autumn Uprising with Aaron Bastani.

01:26 – Rojava: Trump betrays the Kurds.
03:05 – The Rojavan Revolution.
13:40 – The US, Turkey and Rojava.
23:15 – Erdogan’s plan for Rojava = Ethnic Cleansing.
26:00 – The war against the Kurds is a NATO war.
31:35 – A power struggle in the USA: Trump and the Military.
39:30 – Extinction Rebellion’s Autumn Uprising.
40:30 – Meat Markets and Occupations.
53:20 – Loving the cops?
1:02:30 – Corbyn and Mike Ashley’s Flame War.
1:09:25 – Audience Questions.