About us

“Revolution happens when there is a transformation of common sense.”

David Graeber (1961-2020)

The David Graeber Institute founded in March 2022 is a non-profit organization that oversees the extensive archive of David Graeber’s unpublished written and multimedia texts and continues his legacy through the creation of a platform to provide access for research and public discourse projects – some of which were started during his lifetime, and others related to themes and ideas that were important to him such as labor, debt, war. 

We aim to ensure that there will be no barriers to access by income, academic affiliation or location in the world based on principles of an open-source community to disseminate and develop David’s ideas both inside and outside of academia. 

The Institute will support academics, independent researchers, artists and the growing network that his work has contributed in building through offering access to the archives, grants for residencies and publications in collaboration with partner organizations from around the world.


  • To provide a platform for the growing network that David Graeber’s work has helped to create. Some initiatives are directly linked to developing his ideas and “contributing” to his work and legacy. Others are separate and live their own lives, creating their own independent connections.
  • To serve as an international forum for dialogue between different actors of the political divide, breaking down the boundaries of the professional and activist, academia and the art world, and blending different social and age groups.
  • To establish collaborations with institutions and foundations to support public initiatives, discussion programs, research projects and residencies related to the legacy of David Graeber.

 Our structure:

  • We are a non-commercial institution, guided by an international board of advisers whose policies are implemented by the DGI Administration.
  • The Board meets twice a year but can meet more often if there is a pressing need.
  • DGI was set up by David Graeber’s colleague and widow – the artist Nika Dubrovsky—together with several of David’s friends and colleagues.
  • Nika, who is hosting David’s Intellectual Estate, provides the Institute with seed funding and with access to the DG archive of 200 notebooks for the purpose of research and publication.
  • She is also the initiator of the Brain Trust project, which was originally set up by David Graeber at the request of Extinction Rebellion.

Our major partner is an informal creative space – the Museum of Care, where most DGI projects are taking place.

Some of MoC projects are supported by DGI, and some exist on their own.
We believe that the balance between these two spaces can provide maximum flexibility and freedom, with some structural order to be able to source the funding needed for the development of the DGI archive and publications.